5 key reasons to use IoT-enabled services to enable transformation

Please join this webcast to learn how your organisation could benefit by allowing real-time operational data to be securely shared between your customers and you to deliver new services that will differentiate you from your competitors and increase the value and service level you can deliver to your customers.

Recorded: 19 Sep 2016

Webinar Overview

Many industries face the challenge of losing valuable expertise as people retire, with a recent study showing that 35% of experienced staff were due to leave their organisation within the next five years. Most companies plan to hire new employees to address the issue but these new personnel often require years to gain the same level of skills, expertise and experience.

The same study found that equipment and asset owning companies are now actively looking for service providers to assist them with value added tasks such as asset performance optimisation and operations & maintenance leaving them to focus on core activities. This trend is opening up valuable opportunities for equipment manufacturers, vendors and service providers to use their expertise to differentiate themselves and deliver new value added services. Watch this webinar to learn how to:


  • Gain continuous, secure access to customer operational data
  • Gain visibility into remote operating conditions
  • Continually enhance intellectual property (IP) and expertise
  • Increase collaboration with customers
  • Reduce fiscal uncertainty when ramping up new service offerings
  • Increase efficiency of field service


This webinar will review how a new generation of data driven, value added services are being delivered to the owners and operators of equipment and assets using secure, remote connectivity and real-time operational process data. Real-world examples of “Connected Services” that are in production and being delivered to customers by leading equipment manufacturers and service vendors will be shared.