Wed 18 Oct 2017

There’s a big buzz around customer flexibility across many markets, with increasing interest from a range of stakeholders keen to unlock its value.

Thu 19 Oct 2017

Securing upfront capital to financing energy performance contracting (EPC) projects remains a major barrier to the growth of the energy efficiency market in Europe, and specifically to the growth

Thu 19 Oct 2017

Successfully managing the operational and business challenges presented by increasing amounts of distributed energy resources requires more rapid analysis, decision making and action at the

Tue 24 Oct 2017

Electrical distribution networks must transition to next-generation technology in order to face the challenges of modern grid applications, such as growing energy

Wed 01 Nov 2017

As a distribution system operator, you need to extend the reach of smart grid into your networks to fulfil your Internet of Things strategy - from distribution automation to substation automation,

Wed 08 Nov 2017

Is Europe closer to real-time, accurate monitoring of low voltage energy flows? What learnings can you take for your own energy distribution company from European Commission-funded projects?

Fri 10 Nov 2017

Preliminary findings from the research in Stockholm Royal Seaport, but also the possible business models for pre- and retro-fit smart home solutions.

Tue 21 Nov 2017

The emergence of distributed ledgers has caused excitement in the utility sector as energy suppliers consider how to best utilise this transactive solution.

Wed 22 Nov 2017

How are European energy operators impacted by the energy transition policies? What affect is it having on their bottom line?

Wed 06 Dec 2017

Utilities know that legislation, business needs and enabling technologies are moving the needle on their speed of change.


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