Scaling for success: How to connect a diverse digitised asset base

As digitisation incrementally spreads out into the distribution network, this webinar presents a clear business case for a single data platform.

Tue 23 Jan 2018
13:00 London •14:00 Paris • 21:00 Singapore • 08:00 New York

Webinar Overview

Utilities know that legislation, business needs and enabling technologies are moving the needle on their speed of change.

Assets are greater in number and diversification and with that comes a need to optimise monetisation and operations.

In this webinar, Dutch smart energy platform company Netinium will present a solution for these business needs - deploying a technology agnostic infrastructure within the distribution network.

Key learnings from this webinar are:

  1. How to lower OpEx through a scaleable, no-vendor lock in platform
  2. How to realise better ROI
  3. How to manage multi-vendor technology
  4. How to better understand communication technologies
  5. How to meet the challenges of growing data and scaling assets