Optimising transmission capacity: How power flow control can help

Watch this webinar to discover a flexible, economic solution to grid management

Recorded: 12 Dec 2017

Webinar Overview

Today’s grid has become extremely difficult to manage due to a rapidly changing generation mix, evolving power consumption patterns, and public resistance to new construction projects. 

Utilities globally are demanding more economic, flexible solutions to these challenges. At the same time, a growing chorus of industry experts is drawing attention to the fact that global power grids were built without ‘valves’ to control the flow of power and ensure electricity transmits efficiently. 

Frontrunner utilities have recognised it is time for a new paradigm for designing and managing their grids. Smart Wires solutions provide the first highly intelligent ‘valve’ for transmission grids. 

Join the webinar to learn more about how European utilities are changing the way they plan and operate their grids by using Smart Wires power flow control to capture excess network capacity.