How to use weather solutions to minimise network power outages

This webinar explores the business case for weather-based predictive analytics for service reliability and asset protection.

Recorded: 25 May 2018

Webinar Overview

Aging infrastructure and unpredictable weather patterns often combine in a predictable outcome -  overhead distribution lines are damaged and customers experience sustained outages.

Regulators however are upping the pressure to reduce blackouts for end customers by penalising distribution system operators for how they respond to outages.

So what can the distribution utility do to keep the grid up and direct its field teams to where maintenance is needed most?

Weather solutions - predictive analytics

Throughout March 2018, a series of storms and adverse weather conditions travelled from Serbia, the so called ‘Beast from the East’. Across a three-day period alone in London, 20,000 homes lost access to water, incurring local utility Thames Water thousands of pounds in reimbursement.

Preparation for such events largely relies on bodies such as the National Weather Company to inform the public of potential interruptions and hazards. However, given the opportunity thanks to new technologies, utilities may gain the ability to visualise how weather events may affect their individual businesses.

Combining weather alerts with predictive analytics and operations dashboards, The Weather Company (TWC) has devised a trio of products that enable utilities to make the safest, most efficient decisions.

To allow the utility to take ownership for their own services, TWC developed Outage Prediction, Operations Dashboard and Weather Alerts for Worker Safety.

Featuring insights from TWC's Outage Prediction experts, this webinar will explore the benefits and savings that can be gained when implementing weather solutions into utilities worldwide.

Join your peers for this Engerati webinar to learn:

  • How weather solutions can improve your ability to make better decisions.
  • How streamlining your outage responses could save your utility millions each year.
  • Why integrating weather-based data into daily operations can protect assets.