Enhancing active distribution network management through AMI

How can utilities leverage advanced metering infrastructure for efficient grid monitoring to improve network management and reduce cost of service?

Recorded: 25 Sep 2018

Webinar Overview

The increase in distributed energy and growth of EVs, has seen smart meters become the norm but with increasingly complex data streams to manage, lack of operational standards and integration with different business systems necessary, this also creates a key challenge for DSOs.

A lack of visibility and analytics in an increasingly decentralised grid, can result in spiraling workforce and operational costs. As such, smart meters need to be utilised to drive increased intelligence, supervision and control of the network.

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) can help solve this issue and help exploit the opportunities that smart meters present. AMI systems can streamline operations by providing real-time situational awareness on the grid and improve service quality and the customer experience by balancing demands and reducing faults. Ultimately, it can reduce workforce costs by more quickly pinpointing problems and drive down OT/IT costs to boost profitability.

CGI´s Sm@rtering solution is an AMI system that includes a GRIDCONTROL module, offering a supervision set of functionalities, based on an interoperable and real-time KPI-led platform that responds to these needs.

In this webinar, we draw on examples from real-world applications of the system to demonstrate how:

  • Leveraging AMI can ensure efficient active network management
  • Technological developments such as micro generation and electric vehicle charging can be supported by AMI
  • Integrating LV data enables effective power flow monitoring
  • To improve customer service and operational efficiency by minimising service interruptions
  • To minimise cost-to-serve with reduced non-technical losses and customer debt