Distributed grid voltage control: A UK case study

Western Power Distribution and S&C Electric UK Holdings present findings from a decentralised solution to stabilise voltage.

Recorded: 14 Dec 2017

Webinar Overview

Distribution system operators will be fully aware of how the intermittent nature of distributed generation, including renewable energy like wind and PV solar, is playing a large part in network dynamic voltage fluctuations.  

‘Business as usual’ or legacy solutions are attempting to maintain statutory voltage limits but were mainly designed for more passive two-way power flows. The multi-way power flows in today’s network and the rise in distributed generation can result in rapidly changing system characteristics.  

This webinar will look at some of the causes of distribution network voltage issues and investigate a better way to solve these problems rather than relying on centralised legacy equipment.

There are now faster dedicated solutions that can be deployed nearer to the problem load.

S&C Electric UK Holdings will discuss the FACTS family of solutions and the benefits of distributed Statcoms providing a constant current out compared to solutions reliant on voltage source, the variable they are attempting to stabilise.

You can expect to learn:

  • The key eight attributes to analyse, deploy and maintain successful distributed dynamic solutions
  • How Western Power Distribution successfully deployed Dstatcom, part of the Lincolnshire Low Carbon Hub project.

The webinar will be hosted by Stephen Jones, S&C Electric UK Holdings and Jonathan Berry, Western Power Distribution.