Balancing the energy market: how will new central market systems affect you?

Modern, optimised energy markets are creating disruption and attracting new entrants. As a DSO or retailer, you must adapt to remain competitive.

Recorded: 05 Jul 2018

Webinar Overview

Liberalisation and the energy transition are driving changes in the energy market, such as increased competition, new market entrants, local production and changes in consumption and production patterns.

This is putting a strain on the energy networks and the financial and energy balancing operations and markets.

Consumers are looking to local production to meet their electricity needs, but this does not account for the financial risk taken by the balance-responsible party.

Similarly, the expected boom in electric vehicle charging will put stress on energy balancing and local networks during peak hours.

Central Markets and associated systems, as rolled out in a number of countries, can provide in the necessary capabilities to broker between different parties, enable innovation, improve balancing and create a competitive, level playing field.

Based on experience implementing the central market operating system (CMOS) in countries worldwide, CGI joins Engerati in a webinar discussing the best practice for DSOs and energy retailers dealing with evolving market disruptions.

Discussing data hub usage, demand response needs and leveraging additional services, CGI will explore the various solutions available to utility stakeholders.

By examining their market projections and evaluating the market changes utilities can expect, as well as insights from CMOS specialists, this webinar will take a deeper dive into how to mitigate the impact of a competitive energy market.

Featuring Mattijs van den Hoed Vice President Consulting Expert, Central Market Systems and Martijn Frints, Director of Consulting, Energy & Utilities, Central Market Systems from CGI, register for this webinar to learn about:

  • Key factors in effective and successful CMOS implementations and how to prepare for them
  • Drivers for different geographies and how the energy transition will impact on Central Markets
  • How to capitalise on the new data environment to develop new revenue streams and ensure flexibility
  • What stakeholders can expect from the changing market structure