Creating an effective business model with solar and storage technology

Can introducing solar and storage technology to utility business models prevent customer churn, shrinking revenues and competition from new market entrants?

Thu 13 Sep 2018
13:00 London •14:00 Paris • 20:00 Singapore • 08:00 New York

Webinar Overview

The cost of new solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage technologies are decreasing rapidly, and the expectation is up for utilities to leverage them.

So far, utilities have been slow in this effort, and are at risk of new market players overtaking them in the value chain in a trend coined ‘uberisation’.

The pressure comes from two sides: consumers wanting to embrace this technology and new market entrants with the agility to supply them.

The opportunity is there for utilities to package and enable the growth of solar PV and energy storage for consumers; all they need to know is how to effectively bring these disruptive technologies into their business models.

In a panel discussion with experts from Capgemini, this webinar will unpack the options for utilities looking to expand their services.

Based on Capgemini’s in-depth market analysis, we’ll discuss the latest trends in the local production and energy storage market, moving to explore the opportunities for utility business models to:

  • Sell or loan the technologies to customers.
  • To use them for the benefit of the grid.
  • Create new revenue streams by supporting other disruptive technology such as electric vehicles.

Finally, we’ll cover the current and future blockages, and discuss how best to overcome them.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • The digital tools which can assist you in integrating solar PV and energy storage into your business models while reducing operational expenditure.
  • How working with, and not against, startups and solutions providers can improve the effectiveness and speed of business model transformations.
  • How providing these services can reduce customer churn, provide new revenue streams and keep you competitive in the transitioning energy market.