Pole-mounted transformer monitoring - what is the business case?

Edge Electrons' eSensor box digitises analogue transformers to enable real-time monitoring. This webinar looks at the use cases and business value. 

Recorded: 01 Feb 2018

Webinar Overview

In 2013, US public utility Pepco saved $7m by using pole-mounted transformer monitoring for predictive maintenance. 

Through access to real-time asset data, the energy company prevented a transformer failure at a cost of $3m, and averted a new transformer purchase with a price tag of $4m.

Alongside predictive maintenance, another application for low voltage grid monitoring is power outages.  

The business case for utilities here is clear. Take the South Australian Power Network that expects to pay $20m to households who lost power for more than 12 hours. 

However, Canadian utility Toronto Hydro saved 100,000 outage minutes by implementing, monitoring and identifying 12 overloaded transformers.

Pole mounted transformer monitoring - eSensor

In response to these utility needs, Australia’s Edge Electrons has developed eSensor.

The pole-mounted box seeks to address the above use cases as well as cutting non-technical losses, integrating distributed energy resources and reducing emissions.

In this webinar, Edge Electrons’ CEO Richard McIndoe will explain the benefits as well as the business case of the new grid smart solution that delivers control and energy efficiency.

Register for this event and you will discover how eSensor can provide:

  • Low cost digitisation of analogue assets
  • Granular LV visibility of assets
  • Temperature sensing and enabling predictive maintenance
  • Ability to determine voltage issues and reverse power flow