Optimising energy storage usage and creating new revenue streams

Experts lay out the variety of use cases for multifunctional energy storage systems for end-users, from energy service companies to virtual power plants and aggregators.

Mon 19 Nov 2018
12:00 London •13:00 Paris • 20:00 Singapore • 07:00 New York

Webinar Overview

Between the application of energy storage technologies in electric vehicles and consumer renewable production, storage solutions are fast becoming a key driver of the energy transition.

Now, as with many disruptive technologies entering the grid, the focus becomes finding new and innovative ways energy storage can further benefit the energy system.

For instance, with the grid facing demand-response challenges, energy storage solutions can offer crucial grid support, enabling frequency regulation, consumption peak shaving load shifting and voltage regulation.

Additionally, energy storage can be used for other key challenges; reducing the impact of energy price rises in smart buildings, supporting network islanding and managing intermittent renewable energy production.

By exploring a project between Stem, the US leader for intelligent energy storage and predictive energy software, and Socomec, technology manufacturers focused on the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks, this webinar will explore the benefits of a multifunctional, flexible energy storage solution for a variety of end-users.

Stem needed an energy storage solution to pair with its own energy storage and predictive software to provide a peak-shaving service in California, US. Stem’s system allows customers to reduce their peak demand and thus their electricity bill, resulting in savings of over $6,200 in one month.

Join experts from Socomec in this case study-led webinar to learn more about:

  • The various use cases and benefits of energy storage, and how to turn these into business opportunities.
  • How multifunctional energy storage systems can generate new service offerings and revenue streams for a variety of companies.
  • How to create an energy storage system to support future grid developments and demands while keeping operational expenditure low.