Digitisation at Uniper: Becoming a data-driven organisation

Learn how energy company Uniper (formerly E.ON) is digitally transforming its operations to boost competitiveness

Recorded: 12 Jan 2018

Webinar Overview

The utilities industry is facing numerous challenges worldwide and in particular in the European market. Uniper, the German-based international energy company, is anchored in Europe and is therefore directly impacted by these external challenges which need to be addressed.

One aspect that Uniper is focused on is having technologically advanced large-scale assets with robust technical and commercial expertise that enables them to deliver flexible, bespoke, competitively priced energy products and services with agility, precision and speed.

Uniper’s digital transformation program is designed to support this goal and to transform their European Generation fleet into a data-driven business by implementing best-of-breed digital technology to enable a digital mindset change process to improve competitiveness.

This webinar will explore how Uniper is leveraging OSIsoft’s PI System technology as a cornerstone of their digital transformation initiative helping to harmonize processes, to manage their different IT technologies and variety of data sources. The presentation will discuss Uniper’s vision for an environment that allows rapid situational analysis within power stations or in the corporate centre and facilitates the exchange of information and the sharing of learnings.

Key takeaways:

  • How Uniper successfully developed a digital transformation roadmap
  • How Uniper approaches the implementation in an already challenging changing environment
  • Which technical elements Uniper sees as essential for a successful digital transformation
  • An overview of benefits, which Uniper was able to capture early throughout the project