Network cybersecurity: Protecting critical infrastructure from evolving threats

As cyber threats increasingly bypass traditional security tools, how can you deter attacks and attain security compliance? Watch this webinar to explore an extended defence-in-depth network security framework.

Recorded: 21 Jun 2018

Webinar Overview

The energy and utility sector has always been a prime target for attackers; be it from a skilled hacker, industrial espionage or even something state-sponsored. These are the modern realities that utilities and retailers must prepare for and with the convergence of IT and operational technology, decentralisation and edge intelligence, the risk is perhaps higher now than at anytime before. 

As cyber threats are evolving from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attack to advanced persistent threat (APT), DDoS, malware/ransomware, network defence deployed today needs an overhaul. 

While traditional security tools like encryption or firewall can still safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of communications, the emerging threats require new defence mechanisms and thinking. 

This session will review:

  • How to attain security compliance and protect your infrastructure
  • Deter cyber threats by deploying an in-depth network security framework from a technology, governance and policy standpoint
  • Evolving the security paradigm to counter-act changing security threats


As a service provider for utility sector we need asure security of our services.