Modernising communications without compromising critical legacy systems

Modern communication networks are critical to making the grid more reliable and efficient, but a smooth migration that does not disrupt legacy applications is key.

Recorded: 26 Sep 2018

Webinar Overview

A confluence of factors – renewable energy integration, increasing efficiency & reliability through automation, and equipment obsolescence, prompted utilities to modernise their communication networks to support new grid applications. 

But what about critical legacy systems such as SCADA, operational voice and teleprotection? How can a modern network deliver the required performance? 

Led by subject matter experts John Alberti, Senior Network Architect at Oncor Electric Delivery, and Hansen Chan, Marketing Manager at Nokia, this session will explore key network architectural considerations to gracefully migrate these systems to an IP/MPLS network. Cybersecurity, efficiency and preparing for future applications and technologies support will be discussed.

Oncor Electric Delivery, which operates the 6th largest transmission and distribution system in the U.S., will share their experiences in planning a smooth migration from their time-division multiplexing solution and support of legacy systems on IP/MPLS. 

Register for this webinar and you will learn:

  • Key architectural considerations Oncor Electric Delivery identified for migrating critical legacy systems to IP/MPLS and their learning from this migration.
  • How migrating to an IP/MPLS network prepares a utility for future capabilities such as Industrial Internet of Things and IEC 61850 standard.  
  • How both operational efficiency and customer service can be improved thanks to the modernisation efforts.


Interested in IP based AMI network.