Connecting DERs – distributed and secure network intelligence

Discover how to ensure your telecommunication infrastructure keeps pace with renewables expansion in this technical webinar.

Recorded: 26 Jun 2018

Webinar Overview

As flows of real-time data become essential for grid operations and stability, utilities are more dependent on telecommunication infrastructure to provide critical ‘always-on’ connectivity.

Within the utility-telco nexus sits distributed energy resources (DER), a disruptive force for a traditionally one-directional grid. The future electrical grid is evolving towards an “energy cloud” wherein electricity flows in multiple directions, from multiple sources and a real-time demand-response system is in place in order to regulate consumption and production, to produce a precise and effective customer-utility interface. DER is about smart grid capabilities, advanced metering systems communicating in real-time to higher-level entities, about ensuring cybersecurity throughout the whole space and about IT and OT convergence.

In this webinar, we will unpack the secure connectivity supporting DER use case and explore the solutions for how you can transform your legacy communication infrastructure into fit-for-purpose, secure and future-proof packet-optical network, extending SLA and QoS control towards all endpoints of the OT (operational) network.

Joining us will be ECI which works with utilities and other critical industries to transition utility networks to packet-optical based solutions.

Register for this webinar and you will learn:

  • Telecommunication requirements for DERs
  • Key considerations for network rollouts
  • Examples of successful deployments 
  • Updates on cybersecurity best practice