Power Conversion System and Storage from 33 kW to MW
Product Overview Mon 30 Jul 2018

Energy storage is the core element for the transition of the electric utility system to Smart Grids. Whatever the application in this new environment, Socomec SUNSYS PCS² - Power Conversion System and Storage - is the concrete answer.

Smart building and cities
Reduce the impact of increases in the electricity retail price

  • SUNSYS PCS² maximizes the PV energy self-consumption at building or community level. Any energy surplus is stored in the SUNSYS PCS² battery system. This stored energy is used later to supply the load.
  • When the electricity retail cost is low, SUNSYS PCS2 stores the energy to supply the loads during peak demand when prices are high.

Solar parks
Manage the intermittence of renewable energy production. SUNSYS PCS² ensures the production profile of an intermittent renewable energy plant by:

  • limiting the production to a predefined value,
  • injecting energy to compensate solar variations,
  • fixing a constant ramp up and ramp down.

Grid support
Meet the challenge of demand response energy balance. When directly connected to the grid, SUNSYS PCS² improves the stability and the management by grid operators thanks to:

  • voltage & frequency regulation,
  • load shifting,
  • peak shaving,
  • ancillary services for grid support.