Prioritizing Power

How Alectra used the PI System to achieve reliability-centred maintenance
Case Study Wed 19 Sep 2018

Located just north of Toronto, Canada, Alectra is North American’s second largest municipally owned local distribution company (LDC). Serving 15 communities and one million customers, Alectra generates 4750 MW of power during peak demand. When company acquired its fourth utility in 2012, its complex network of transformer assets grew even bigger.

Alectra was operating on a scheduled maintenance plan, but as Alectra’s vast network of transformers and other assets kept growing, it was becoming more difficult to prioritize maintenance work and prevent outages. Scheduled maintenance couldn’t prevent 89 percent of failures, which were a result of premature failures, rather than aging assets.

To combat this, the team embarked on a digital transformation with the PI System to lay the groundwork for a new Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM3) strategy that enabled the Alectra team to maintain critical assets, prioritize repairs and decrease asset failure that could lead to outages.


  • Identified and repaired a transformer issue for $100,000, avoiding a $3 million dollar replacement cost
  • Repaired a hydrogen monitor prior to failure, preventing major replacement costs as well as power outages for customers
  • Increased power supply reliability for customers and created a safer work environment for employees