Mapping the Euro-Med high voltage transmission network

What does the collaborative map from MED-TSO and ENTSO-E show about the transmission network?
Published: Wed 14 Mar 2018

A map released by two transmission system operator (TSO) associations is providing TSOs in the Euro-Mediterranean region new visibility on their network.

Over the course of two years, the Association of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators for electricity (MED-TSO) and the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) worked together to create a detailed map of the Euro-Mediterranean transmission network.

The result is a detailed regional map, accurately showing cross-border connections, line voltages and the locations of power stations and powerplants.

The map, focussed on high voltage transmission, generally shows all lines designed for 220kV voltage and higher, and generation stations with a net capacity of over 100MW.

The map covers over 400,000km of transmission lines across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Euro-Mediterranean TSO relationships

Covering the 300,000km of grids operated by members of ENTSO-E and 400,000km operated by MED-TSO members, some of which overlaps, the map serves as part of a wider mission to encourage communication between regions and networks.

In addition to existing structures, it also shows those currently under construction.

Angelo Ferrante, Secretary General of MED-TSO commented: “It is in line with our mission which is about fostering the dialogue in the Mediterranean Region and promoting the development of an integrated Mediterranean Electricity System. This map represents a concrete result in the spirit of our Association that intends to act as a bridge between Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East”.

Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General of ENTSO-E, echoed the sentiment, saying: “Our cooperation with Med-TSO goes well beyond this Euro-Mediterranean grid map. However, it is a very nice symbol of the work that both organisations have jointly developed.”

So can we expect to see more resources like this from TSO associations moving forwards?

“ENTSO-E is working with several other TSO organisations within and outside of Europe. This is very enriching and serves all electricity customers through best practice and information sharing”, continues Schmitt.

ENTSO-E has an ongoing vested interest in the development and improvement of transmission networks in Europe, including its recent European Power System 2040 report. The final 10-year network development plan, which is set to include a cost-benefit analysis of about 200 transmission and storage projects, is due to be released later this year.

In addition to the interactive online view, the transmission network map can be ordered in physical form from either the ENTSO-E or MED-TSO websites.