Download - LTE Cellular Networks for the Smart Grid

This week's featured download is a white paper from Multitech, discussing how cellular LTE can allow utilities to modernize their Field Area Network with a single, standards-based broadband network
Published: Tue 07 Aug 2018

It is not news that our electric infrastructure is ageing and being pushed to do more than it was originally designed to do.

Modernising the grid to make it smarter, more resilient and more reliable through the use of cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and controls that communicate and work together seems like a simple approach.

The U.S. Department of Energy envisions a modern electric power grid with:

  • Greater resilience to hazards of all types;
  • Improved reliability for everyday operations;
  • Enhanced security from an increasing and evolving number of threats;
  • Affordability to maintain our economic prosperity;
  • Superior flexibility to respond to variability and uncertainty;
  • Increased sustainability through additional clean energy and energy-efficient resources. 

The challenge is greater than it appears. Delivering electricity more reliably and efficiently over the years has required the integration of non-harmonised communications technologies ranging from licensed and unlicensed RF to proprietary wireless protocols creates a complex network to upgrade and maintain.

Transitioning from the older field area networks (FAN) is an involved task, and having the right plan in place and the right technology before deployment can make all the difference.

About Multitech

Multitech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the industrial Internet of Things – connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. Our commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech products and people to address your needs, while our history of innovation ensures you can stay ahead of the latest technology with a partner who will be there for the life of your solution.

The Internet of Things is creating new customer experiences and unparalleled economic value, while improving the quality of life for countless people around the globe. By providing products and services to connect “things” to the Internet, MultiTech delivers deeper understanding to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals, which will, in turn, transform the way we live and work.

Whether monitoring a well, a pipeline, a refinery, a solar panel or wind turbine, governments around the world are in agreement that understanding exactly what’s happening in the production and distribution of energy is of paramount importance both for global continuity of energy production as well as for environmental protection. As critical infrastructure, it is exceedingly important to protect this process from digital interference from those with technical know-how and malicious intent. 

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