Download - Distributed network intelligence in the age of DER

This weeks featured download is a white paper from ECI, discussing the challenges facing distributed energy resource integration and distributed intelligence in the grid.
Published: Tue 03 Jul 2018

The power utilities industry, a conservative and traditional sector, is facing huge disruption. And in the middle of all this change stand Distributed Energy Resources (DER) perhaps the driving factor.

The power utilities sector is transforming from a one-way (unidirectional) power flow, into a more distributed grid. One with a decentralized power generation network that no longer depends on large generation plants. Instead, we have numerous small-scale power ‘generators’ and multiple renewable energy sources.

Sources including solar, wind, hydro, and gas located in rural, metropolitan and residential areas. In this decentralized power grid, energy flows in multiple directions and consumers can just as likely be energy producers.

Such dramatic change requires the power sector to evolve and modernize the platforms it uses to control its transmission and distribution grid. Not just part way, but right to the very edge of the energy network.

About ECI

In a nutshell: ECI delivers ELASTIC network solutions to service providers, utilities and data centre/cloud providers worldwide. ECI's ELASTIC network solutions strive for open, future-proof, and secure communications. Tailor-made for today, while being flexible enough to evolve with the changing needs of tomorrow.

ECI prides itself in taking its work beyond the role of a traditional vendor, choosing work closely with partners to better understand the challenges and needs, so that they can better serve. Since 1961, ECI's focus has been on tis customers - technology and innovation are the tools it uses to help grow businesses and achieve goals.

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