Leslie De Cuyper

Leslie De Cuyper
Product Manager MECOMS™
Updated: Fri 10 Nov 2017

Leslie De Cuyper started his career at Ferranti Computer Systems in 2003 after getting his Bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science in Antwerp, Belgium.

He got his introduction to the Energy & Utilities market as a debugger/developer for the MECOMS™ product.

Over the years, Leslie has been involved in all aspects of the MECOMS™ product lifecycle; from assisting in implementations at various customers as an Application Consultant and Business Analyst to being responsible for complete implementations as Project Lead. Customers ranged from niche-player start-ups such as HVC, who needed a solid IT solution to get organized and structured to deal with their rapid growth; to the bigger, globally known, players such as Essent where the flexiblity of MECOMS™ convinced them to replace their SAP systems for the not-so-straightforward aspects of their business.

During the last 5 years, as Lead International Solutions Manager, Leslie helped to strengthen the global positioning of the MECOMS™ product as part of the MECOMS™ Solutions Advisory Group. Israel, North America and Japan are regions where he was part of the teams responsible for introducing the MECOMS™ product into the market.

With his typical no-nonsense attitude Leslie now combines his experience and knowledge of the market and his passion for the MECOMS™ product to determine the next chapter in the MECOMS™ Success story as lead of Product Management.

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