Johanna Éva Lećz-Pokol

Johanna Éva Lećz-Pokol
Head of Competitive Customer Care
Updated: Mon 22 Feb 2016

Hanna is Head of Competitive Customer Care at E.ON, one of Hungary’s largest energy companies. She with her department is responsible for back and front office activites in the SME segment. Selling electricity, gas and Solar panels has their own challanges: SMEs in Hungary are getting more and more conscious in regards of purchasing gas and electricity, meanwhile Solar still seems a bit too long-distance for them. In an environment like this, Hanna puts her efforts into forming salesforce that’s understands the need of collecting accurate customer insights persistently along with being able to use it during the customer lifecycle.

Previously Hanna worked in different roles at the Hungarian regional unit of E.ON such as NPS (Net promoter Score) program coordinator or segment manager for residential segment. These all gave great opportunities to take part in international experiance shares, see, learn and implement new ideas and obtain the skills of a change manager the she thinks is vital in a competitive market.

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