George Simons

Job Title: 
Director of Consulting & Analysis

Mr. Simons is a nationally recognized expert on distributed generation and renewable energy technologies.  Over the course of his career, he has conducted and led hundreds of feasibility studies, market research, potential studies, cost-effectiveness assessments, impact evaluations and performance and cost trend studies for a wide variety of renewable, distributed energy and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies.  He also established and led energy R&D programs on renewable energy technologies and helped developed analytical tools for integrating high concentrations of distributed renewables into the grid.  He has been on the California Governor’s BioEnergy Task Force, represented California on the Western Regional Biomass Energy Program, the California Wind Energy Collaborative, the Geothermal Energy Collaborative, Rapid PV Working Group, the Utility Wind Integration Group and on a number of national energy R&D panels.  At present, Mr. Simons is a Director at Itron; a world leading smart energy provider where he is responsible for leading Consulting and Analysis services in the renewable and distributed energy areas. Mr. Simons holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Davis.

Webinars & Presentations

Thu 06 Apr 2017

As the grid edge becomes more dynamic with on-premises energy storage and generation, we need to move towards a grid platform that delivers new capabilities and value.