Frank Brannvoll

Frank Brannvoll
Energy and Trading Advisor

Brannvoll bvba

Updated: Mon 09 May 2016

Frank Brannvoll graduated from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) International Business. He has worked within the energy, industrial and financial sectors since 1982. His positions have ranged from trader to managing director (MD) in multinational companies and in 2014 he established his own company, Brannvoll Bvba and is a partner in the investment company Draupner Capital.
The company Brannvoll Bvba is focused on advisory services within trading, trading set up, optimisation and risk management. The company is also involved in marketing and implementing energy efficiency services from producers to energy intensive industries, involving co-operation with utilities and financial companies for synergies. Co-operating, amongst others, with SteamEsco in bringing instant savings from 10-30 per cent on steam-related energy.
Before starting his own companies, Brannvoll worked with companies including Nordea, Citi Bank, FLS Industries, StoraEnso, Point Carbon, GDFSUEZ Trading (Electrabel), Danske Commodities, and others. He has close ties with the Federation of Energy Traders - EFET.

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