Ferry Cserép

Ferry Cserép
CEO & Co-Founder
Updated: Mon 26 Mar 2018

After receiving his bachelors in electronics & computer science in 1984 Ferry Cserép started his career at the R&D department of the Free University of Amsterdam, gaining extensive experience in hardware and software design. During his appointment Mr. Cserép held a board position at the faculty of Human Movement Sciences.

Mr. Cserép chaired VLN (the national trade organization for building automation) for 6 years and united international sister-organizations to advance standardization for open systems based on echelon technology. Based on his vision of connecting millions of networked devices with business processes, something known today as IoT, Mr. Cserép co-founded MicroTask in 1990. As a succession to Microtask, Mr. Cserép co-founded NETINIUM® in 2009 to support expanding international business activities.

Today NETINIUM® offers advanced smart grid middleware, providing grid operators, energy retailers and third-party service providers with a central platform for automated data collection & management, enabling them to proactively address the smart grid evolution.

Ferry Cserép lives in The Netherlands and enjoys his family, composing music, judo-sports and is an active race driver.

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