Bjorn Bekkevold

Bjorn Bekkevold
Founder & CEO

XTN Group

Updated: Wed 06 Sep 2017

Bjorn Bekkevold is the founder and CEO of XTN Group. He is a seasoned Business Developer under changing paradigm and one of the founders of the oil and gas division in Norsk Hydro (now merged with Statoil). Bjorn has been working in the energy sector during most of his professional career.

As an engineer, he has worked at Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. (US, Italy) in the upstream sector and at other companies such as A/S Norske Esso or Linjedgods A/S in the downstream sector (regional operations; distribution / logistics) for many years. He has also acquired experience in the IT research sector and as a managing consultant / business developer. Besides that, he has a track record in the military sector as captain and a Major(R) in the Norwegian Armed Forces with the highest National security clearance serving at the Prime Minister’s Office during Exercises, Crisis and War.

He has an outstanding experience in company creation and set up across different countries and industries. Bjorn has also been part of the board of directors of several companies and institutions. In 1986, he founded Strategisk Forretningsutviklling AS (Strategic Business Development Inc.) in Oslo, Norway of which he also became CEO and subsequently also founded different other companies in the gaming sector, video surveillance sector, market and technology research and property development. In 2007, he founded the XTN Group of which he is also CEO.

Mr Bekkevold has been key note speaker and elected to the Advisory Committee of European Utility Week 2014 (consists of 65 leading industry people from the leading energy companies in Europe). EUW is the world’s largest meeting place and exhibition for Smart Energy with > 9.000 participants.