Ronnie Dibbaut

Ronnie Dibbaut
Subject Matter Expert MECOMS™ Product Organisation, Product Innovation
Updated: Fri 10 Nov 2017

Ronnie Dibbaut has been active in the utility industry since 2004, first as Business Analyst and later on as Technology Expert working on global innovation for a major European utility company. Ronnie is now working as a Subject Matter Expert on innovation for the product department of Ferranti Computer Systems, an Antwerp-based company specialized in offering MECOMS™, a MDM/CRM software solution for utility companies.

The latest developed product of Ferranti's product organization is MIA, the MECOMS™ Interactive Agent, a chatbot with cognitive capabilities.

During this webinar, Ronnie will talk about peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading, made possible via smart contracts and a private Ethereum blockchain network.

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