Rhythima Shinde

Rhythima Shinde
Updated: Wed 09 May 2018

As an entrepreneur and researcher, Rhythima tends to combine the leading technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain with the pressing needs of the society, especially for the environmental and energy sectors. The biggest gap that she found in her engineering education at the age of 18 was the issues of access to resources in the developing parts of the world. Thus she started developing products to fasten the provision of clean water, transportation and better livelihoods for people in rural parts of India. Through this work, she realized that the problems do not end at the technology, but also include the crucial aspect of governance, policies and socio-economic norms of the community. Thus, with her policy analysis and computer science masters in the Netherlands, with two other colleagues, she started Energy bazaar, to provide inclusive technical solutions i,e, solutions which not just provide access through technology, but also consider the societal issues of the community to ensure a sustainable solution for years. By remaining in research, she believes the creation of knowledge should go in hands with the implementation and thus as a Ph.D. at ETH Zurich in environmental engineering, she develops AI models which depict and predict the energy and utility consumption behaviors of households, and provide recommendations to the utility and housing industries.  

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19 Jun 2018
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Greetings from India and USA.  Wish you a grand success for the event.

Recently I attended an International Conference in USA on solar lighting and there were participants who show cased their work on AL, IoT, Blockchain uses in energy industry.

I would like to share more feedback on this conference off line.  Please share your email on my id abhirutu@gmail.com