Philippe Vié

Philippe Vié
Vice President
Updated: Mon 03 Sep 2018

Philippe has over 20 years of Energy and Utilities industry experience, with a strong focus now on Digital Utilities Transformation projects, as well as Smart Energy projects.

Philippe leads for Capgemini Group the creation and development of Digital Utilities Transformation growth booster. Customer Experience, Operational Excellence, New Business Models and Employees enablement through Digital levers: Mobile, Social Media, Analytics, Business Process Management, Cloud, "As a Service"...

Scoping business and IT transformation, managing full transformations (phases 1, B. Case, Strategy, Business and IT transformations including change management activities). 

Digital Utilities Transformation positioning, thought leadership and business development
Smart Energy Services (Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Smart Home, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency) functional development.
Power, Gas, Water, Energy Services retail and distribution.

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