Jeroen Vanfraechem

Jeroen Vanfraechem
Updated: Mon 30 Sep 2019

Jeroen is the co-founder of Entras, a boutique advisory company for complex energy projects. Entras develops energy projects for energy-intensive businesses involving power plants, cogeneration units, process optimisation in food / chemistry / retail / utilities sectors. Entras also develops dispatching tools applying data science techniques to optimize the dispatching of energy assets exposed to markets, including applications such as battery storage or power-to-gas applications. Entras connects technology with economics and integrates strategy and policy aspects. 

Jeroen is an electrical engineer. Before starting Entras, he worked many years for a leading manufacturing and engineering company in engineering, project management, sales and managerial positions, always in the field of energy. During his career, he acquired a Master in Business Administration.

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