Alfred Jost

Alfred Jost
CEO & Founder
Updated: Thu 24 May 2018

Mr. Jost is an international expert in the solar market, market economy and corporate business. As a former investment banker, Mr. Jost has successfully founded and managed more than 10 companies, with cumulative profits greater than $100 million.

In 2010 Alfred established Solar Bankers and started with the development of a high tech nano structured solar panel that manages the light and increases the efficiency of the module. Being patented in 35 countries his invention builds the basis for the Umbrella Booster that gives 300% output compared to standard modules. 

With Solar Bankers, consumers join a Peer-to-Peer Network and can produce their own electricity by using a Solar Node and sell any excess at competitive prices to their neighbours via local marketplaces. 

In 2017 Mr. Jost was chosen by DFA (Dubai Future Accelerator) to set up a pilot installation for his nano structured Solar Module under desert conditions. 

Being an international keynote speaker on such topics as Blockchain Technology/DLT, tokenization of the commodities, the future of renewable energy and sustainability, Mr. Jost brings awareness to global audience from different business areas in Dubai, China, Germany, USA, UK, Korea, Austria, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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