Situational intelligence to create operational value

Improved situational awareness can optimise the utilisation of renewable energy on the grid. The benefits are wide-ranging; enabling greater operational efficiency and predictive asset management.

Recorded: 12 Oct 2018

Webinar Overview

With increasing incorporation of distributed energy on the grid, more coal-free days are inevitable and effective utilisation of renewable energy sources is key to ongoing operational efficiency.  As such, the need for a different, more complete kind of situational intelligence continues to grow.

Maintaining power quality and asset performance on the renewable grid will require higher levels of predictability around renewable generation and enhanced real-time analytics. As utilities continue to digitise, fostering a higher level of situational awareness and enabling advanced action prior to a crisis is key. The workforce is more effectively utilised, damage is minimised and costs are reduced. 

The Weather Company provides greater situational preparedness with its machine learning forecasting tool. The tool drives greater optimisation of renewable resources, more accurate outage prediction, asset management and safety alerts that transform insight into actionable business decisions. The platform surfaces key analytics for decision makers to safeguard infrastructure, protect their workforce & customers and reduce operational cost. 

Register for this webinar and you will learn:

  • Optimise renewable integration with more accurate forecasting and asset management schedules
  • Plan asset maintenance more effectively to reduce operational cost
  • How to reduce risk of damage to equipment
  • How situational intelligence and advanced outage prediction can reduce workforce mobilisation costs by >40%


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