Asset management: What can utilities learn from other asset-intensive industries?

Could you be optimising your utility assets better by using data? This webinar presents use cases from utilities and other asset-based industries that are leading the way in data-driven asset management.

Recorded: 31 Jan 2018

Webinar Overview

Utilities have a great opportunity to adopt data-driven asset management practices already tried and tested in other industries with similar data.

The utility sector now understands the operational and business value of data but how much further are other industries exploiting data in different ways?

In this webinar, Teradata, a business analytics and data platform company that works across multiple industries, will demonstrate how examples from other asset-intensive industries can benefit the utility sector.  

More specifically this webinar will focus on four key areas of data driven asset management:

  • Asset maintenance
  • Asset planning and strategy
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Operational optimisation

Combined data analytics

Teradata will also discuss the data and analytics capabilities required to work with data in these areas - its expert approach to evaluating data to achieve maximum results. 

During the webinar, utilities can explore the impact on asset management of using traditional advanced analytics and newer discovery techniques, plus how moving forward on this underpins future capabilities in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Essential viewing for anyone in networks or generation looking to do more with data.


I am interested in this webinar as we are moving to the energy sector as new entrant. I would like to know more about new strategies for hegding.