Asset management in a decentralised grid - creating a system that works

As decentralised assets increasingly come online, this webinar guides utilities on how to ensure they can efficiently manage their own assets as well as new distributed generation.

Recorded: 11 Jul 2018

Webinar Overview

As more and more decentralised assets come online, utilities have to perform several steps in order to manage them properly.

To respond to both consumer and regulatory pressure to enable the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs), utilities must critically assess their territories' decentralised grid potential and develop strategies to incorporate DG in an owned asset and shared asset setting. 

Once utilities have an inventory of their current assets, then they can work out how to best connect DERs into the system while still ensuring assets are protected and maintained.

This webinar looks to cover market trends in the connected grid space and how utilities will need to respond to gain full visibility of all connected assets; to ensure the system is scalable with interoperability, remains reliable, and is secure with all DER partners.

Joining us will be IT industry specialists from Advantech and its project partner, Intel, as we discuss the scope of the asset management market and assess the problems facing asset management as well as the potential solutions. 

Featuring Stephen MacDonald, Energy & Environment Sales Engineer and Gary Frederich, Western Region Sales Director at Advantech along with Prithpal Khajuria Business Lead and Domain Expert for Power Industry and Dean Samara-Rubio Solutions Architect for Energy and Utilities at Intel, this webinar will answer:

  1. How utilities can manage an increase in decentralized equipment
  2. How machine intelligence can reduce operational costs and increase response to failures
  3. How to create a secure environment when implementing machine intelligence solutions


autonomus intervention by DG , based on local observations   vs  internet controlled at grid events

my problem = voltage problems  and are local and much faster as global frequency problems

paramemeters in the DG can prevent escalations , and will occur just for a few hour per year , unless a N-1 situation will happen than they will prevent a ( local) blackout 

how to implement  , for sure they will not hurt , until they realy neded in the near future 

the parameters can be send by internet once a year on regular software updates  , while thats not time critical