Live podcast: Future networks outcomes

A panel of expert facilitators discuss the key outcomes to the October member meeting. 

Fri 19 Oct 2018
14:00 London •15:00 Paris • 21:00 Singapore • 09:00 New York

Webinar Overview

Rapidly developing information and operational technologies are enabling an ever-increasing degree of autonomous operation for electricity grids. Such intelligent autonomy can give significant benefits in terms of operational efficiency but only if grid assets can be maintained at a very high and predictable level of availability and cybersecurity can be guaranteed.

At the October Future Networks member meeting we bring together the three vital pillars which underpin the delivery of this vision. The data network required, the digitisation and integration of assets and how cybersecurity needs to be evolved and managed. In the working groups we will be discussing:

Building the data network:

  • Communications and control protocols for the intelligent grid
  • Managing application deployment on the intelligent grid by using application centric thinking to integrate new use cases (such as electric vehicles) into your grid topology

Utilising the network:

  • Building the roadmap and business value of digital asset management
  • Integrating predictive intelligence to optimise asset performance and life

Securing the network:

  • Building an environment for open and safe information exchange to combat cyberattacks
  • Ensuring security in a converging IT/OT world.

In this podcast we will be joined by the expert facilitators from the Future Networks Work Groups to discuss the key outcomes from the member meeting.