Cracking the business model for mass market EV deployment

Are consumers ready for electric vehicles? This webinar will explore business models for mass market deployment.

Recorded: 20 Jun 2018

Webinar Overview

How will the roles of conventional suppliers and new entrants evolve and interact to deliver smart charging propositions for mainstream customers?  We explore developments in Europe and North America.

Delivering a smart charging proposition is a very different challenge from conventional electricity supply, but a solution that is attractive to customers beyond the early adopters is key in enabling large scale EV deployment. Commercial entities from very different backgrounds – suppliers, network businesses, aggregators, technology companies, and car-makers – are jostling for position, eyeing value in the customer relationship, access to data, and monetising the flexibility.

  • What are the different roles involved, and which types of companies will meet them? 
  • What will the relationships look like between the commercial entities involved?  
  • What will the business models look like and how will these need to evolve as EVs go “mass market” – supporting financing needs, optimising flexibility given market signals, and encompassing other flexible assets and storage in the home?  
  • What role will data play and how will this work within the commercial structures?  

In this webinar, we will explore how this is evolving with experts from the UK and the US, and compare and explore similarities and differences between the two markets from a commercial perspective.

Register for this webinar and you will learn:

  • The different roles needed to support a fully-fledged customer proposition
  • The types of players that may be filling these roles
  • The challenges for conventional suppliers and opportunities for new entrants
  • The “state of the art” in utilising and integrating data from the vehicle and the house
  • The differences between the commercial evolution of business models in Europe and North America 

Keen to find out more? You can read more in Baringa's new report on the subject. Check out the executive summary here.



thanks for the interesting webinar! Would it be possible to get the slide deck?


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