Turning big data into trusted data: applying data virtualization for actionable insights

Through its work with start-up partners, OSIsoft will demonstrate how to join disparate data sets and reduce data replication to create real-time actionable information on a common platform.

Wed 17 Oct 2018
13:00 London •14:00 Paris • 20:00 Singapore • 08:00 New York

Webinar Overview

Advanced metering infrastructures (AMIs) have hit the utility market at full force in recent years, providing utilities with new opportunities for grid monitoring. Combined with millions of sensor measurement data from the every expanding energy IoT platform utilities are presented with a ‘big data” opportunity, but they must first solve the messy data management problem.

Measure data from Energy IoT smart devices, including meters, inverters, appliances, thermostats, etc., provide utilities with data that can be used for asset performance, usage, deployment and optimisation. However, this data can only be made actionable and intelligent for utility operations if it can be processed and presented in near-real time.

Some utilities have adopted costly colocation strategies using Hadoop, centrally located data warehouses or data lakes to manage the growing big data.  These solutions require the replication of data and increase data latency, thereby reducing the source data’s value to operations. An optional solution is to minimize the replication of source data and leverage a data virtualization layer to pull disparate data into a real-time operational platform.

Featuring insight from the partnership between analytics and data platform providers, PowerRunner, and OSIsoft and PI System, an Operational Data Management System, this webinar will explore how utilities can improve near-real-time access to critical downstream operational data to support operational decision management.

We will look at how the PI System and PowerRunner Energy Platform join operational technology data from AMI, SCADA, and Geographical Information Systems with utility commercial IT systems such as customer information systems, rate engines, and other financial applications through highly configurable data virtualization layer to create an operational support platform and enterprise data analytics platform.

Joining us for the webinar will be Dan Garvey, Sales and Marketing Director at PowerRunner and Kevin Walsh, Business Development for AMI/Smart Grid at OSIsoft.

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  • How downstream Energy IoT data provide more actionable insights for utilities.
  • Why data virtualization is a better approach than replicating data in data lakes
  • How the data virtualization platform can best fit your individual needs.
  • Where utilities may face significant difficulties with data management in the coming years.