Protecting operational assets: Achieving visibility, security and control

How can you protect assets you can't see? This webinar explains how to ensure your OT network is monitored and cyber resilient.

Recorded: 04 Sep 2018

Webinar Overview

When industrial control systems were installed within a utility’s operational technology (OT) architecture, malware was not even a consideration.

Systems such as SCADA had two aims - to ensure operational safety and reliability of supply. There was no provision made to monitor and control each individual asset.

Layering today’s cyber threat landscape over the top of an ICS reveals how ill-prepared utilities are to defend their operational technology assets. How can they detect attacks and identify threats if they don’t have clear visibility on all their assets?

In this webinar, we will hear from Indegy, a leader in industrial cybersecurity. The company’s experts will explain the importance of visibility on your asset inventory to allow behavioural anomaly detection.

Register for this webinar and you will learn how to:

  • Inventory and visualise all assets in your OT landscape to achieve operational awareness
  • Find weak points before they are exploited with regular vulnerability assessments 
  • Perform threat detection and mitigation by employing a multi-tiered security approach
  • Track assets and manage configuration control


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