AI and cybersecurity - Applying machine learning to utility cyber defence

Critical infrastructure is particularly at risk from cyber attacks. How can machine learning provide a new paradigm for cybersecurity?

Recorded: 27 Sep 2018

Webinar Overview

How can utilities preserve the reliability and performance of their operational technology and simultaneously, protect these assets?

Increasing integration of IT and operational technology (OT) alongside broader digitisation has lead to evolving cyber threats to mission-critical infrastructure, perhaps highlighted by recent attacks in Eastern Europe. 

In addition to the potential implications of cyber attackers on infrastructure, cyber criminals also have new potential entry points into OT through new IT platforms, growing data networks and human interaction with it. This requires a new paradigm and proactive response to security. 

A potential solution for protecting the utility against cyber attacks is artificial intelligence. Machine learning can provide a more scalable and proactive response to evolving threats than previous preventative methods.

There is a growing understanding of artificial intelligence applications (AI) within the energy sector, and this webinar will look at the benefits of applying machine learning to the unique environment of OT networks by exploring case studies from Darktrace Industrial; cybersecurity and AI leaders. 

Instead of requiring the typical base of previous instances to form intelligence, Darktrace’s AI cyber defence solutions learn from passively analysing networks to understand what ‘normal’ looks like. This way, it can identify any deviance from ‘normal’ behaviour and alert the utility accordingly, as opposed to seeking out specific dangers and attacks. 

Join Andrew Tsonchev, Director of Technology, Darktrace Industrial in this webinar to learn more about:

  • How Darktrace Industrial can assist in the mapping and securing of grid assets.
  • Where intelligently curating machine learning can create more proactive cybersecurity infrastructures
  • How it bridges the visibility gaps for IT, OT and Internet of Things


How will blockchain be used with AI in this context?