Ensuring the Integrity of Industrial Controllers

Why Is It Important and How Can It Be Achieved?
Product Overview Fri 13 Jul 2018

Monitoring network activity in ICS environments is crucial to gaining real-time situational awareness, but it's not enough.

In Industrial Control Systems (ICS), changes made to controllers via direct connections can't be traced over the network, but can still have major impact on your operational environment.

Indegy's patent-pending Agentless Controller Validation (ACV) technology, which utilizes the controllers' native proprietary protocols, surveys control devices in ICS networks to ensure their integrity.

ACV provides crucial visibility into the actual properties and elements of the control devices, and collects information which can't otherwise be gathered via network activity.

Download the solution brief to learn how ACV technology can help you:

  • Validate control device integrity and identify changes
  • Gain improved situational awareness and forensic support
  • Discover assets that don't communicate over the network
  • Get continuous up-to-date vulnerability analysis and security posture