E-Book: Cyber security

Staying one step ahead of the hackers: a quick guide for utilities 
ebook / Magazine Tue 30 Jul 2019

The implications of a successful attack on a country’s electric grid could form the plot of an apocalyptic sci-fi movie. 

The electricity grid of the future will be much more vulnerable to cyber attacks, as interconnectivity between previously siloed systems increases and distributed energy resources will allow many more attack points. Cyber security has been promoted from an IT department issue to a boardroom priority as utilities try to stay one step ahead of sophisticated hackers in a cat and mouse game they cannot afford to lose. 

Most will have heard of the devastating impact of disruption in Ukraine when control system software at offshore wind farms was infiltrated, leading to blackouts and months of grid problems.  

In this E-book, Engerati takes a look at some of the most common cyber security threats for utilities and discuss what they should be doing to protect themselves. Experts from a system operator, an EU cyber security agency, industry associations and IT/OT security solution providers give their insights into how to balance the need for interconnectivity, communication and data sharing with essential security procedures. 

We asked the question: What are the biggest cyber security challenges facing utilities and what can they do to address them?