Darktrace Industrial Case Study: Drax

Drax is a leading power infrastructure company providing around 7% of the UK’s power.
Case Study Tue 12 Jun 2018

"Darktrace adds another level of sophistication to our defence systems, and has already identified threats with the potential to disrupt our networks. It helps us stay ahead of emerging threats and better defend our key systems."

Martin Sloan, Group Head of Security, Drax


  • Complex and sophisticated threat landscape
  • Key target industry for advanced cyber-attackers
  • Large volumes of data but not enough insight
  • Too many false positives
  • Insider threat
  • Too many reactive, not enough proactive measures


  • Self-learning approach
  • Probabilistic assessment of risk
  • Understanding of human behaviors
  • Next-generation detection of emerging anomalies
  • Real-time visualization of enterprise risk
  • Addresses both external and insider threat

Drax: Customer Case Study from Darktrace on Vimeo.