How do startups make it to the global Smart City Ecosystem?

The road to being part of a larger ecosystem demands more from the Smart City startups.
Published: Thu 10 May 2018
A blog entry by Franziska Wegele

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Franziska Wegele
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Urban settings are driven by utilities that serve the same target – the population of the city. It is vital for the technologies that help to build a smart city to be connected to one another to achieve most efficient results. Which is why IoT plays a significant role in transforming the technological advancements in developing smart cities and buildings today .

By implementing IoT into urban infrastructures, a wide range of benefits can be gained in the management of public services and sustenance of buildings. Examples of such benefits are the predictive maintenance, waste management, better air quality, energy savings, traffic management, and smart lighting, This shows that a City in itself is a large data-generator! The data represents many aspects of the lifestyle and functioning of the cities.

A city becomes smart when it can properly capture these data, interpret them and integrate innovative solutions into it.

Capture it in Real-time

Real-time capturing of data is one of the biggest setbacks that today’s urban world is facing. With exorbitant amounts of data being generated each second, it is extremely vital to capture these in real-time. When this data can be converted into information and trends can be interpreted from it, the interpretation and usability of the data will help to create innovative solutions that make cities smart!

Small yet efficient

Most of the utilities are not easily accessible by persons; this is why even a small repair work hinders the smooth functioning of utilities. Here constant monitoring and data feed will come in handy to prevent such repairs. However, the devices used to monitor the utilities cannot be as huge as humans! One needs to make sure that it is possible to install the devices even in the least accessible spaces; without compromising on the quality of data capturing and remaining the ability to connect wireless.

The right network

Even the best ideas do not take off without the right partners and customers! Beyond finding a problem and developing the right solutions to it, it is very important to be part of the right networks and scout for right partners to channel your ideas to implementation. Developing a business case around your solution is very tricky, and requires many dialogs and insights from industry experts. Many smart city solutions are developing across the globe with replicability, implying that the competition is immense. A success at the pilot project will lead to many other similar projects as a chain reaction. This is why it is vital for new innovative start-ups in the smart city area to be associated with the growing ecosystems and establish good relationships with the potential audience!

One of the upcoming smart city solutions from Digimondo GmbH did it all! Their solution is collecting real-time data to bring light to a practical problem that is poised against almost every city: the difficulty to access ducts and shortage of workforce for monitoring and maintenance. By participating in the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup, they got exposed to a global ecosystem of potential partners and corporates.

This year Innovation World Cup® Series is looking for the next Smart City solution to take the stage and shake the future! Find out more about it here: