AMIPlus Smart City Wrocław project innovating communications.

Tauron has built an AMI smart metering system in the capital of Lower Silesia, in which Open Smart Grid Protocol-based (OSGP) meters from three manufacturers are being used.
Published: Thu 20 Sep 2018

With a strong focus on maintaining the highest standards of PLC communication security, Tauron believes its new AMI smart metering system, AMIPlus is the first solution of its kind in Europe.

In a recent release from Cire, Tauron discusses the new developments in its AMIPlus Smart City Wrocław project, with the help of vendor and project partner, Networked Energy Services (NES). The project began with Tauron installing around 368 thousand meters in the area of Wrocław, which were supplied by two different manufacturers. Despite this, the smart meters are fully interoperable and can interact and communicate with each other in the power grid.

Of the project, Mariusz Jurczyk, Director of Intelligent Metering at Tauron Dystrybucja Pomiary says: “Interoperability is a unique feature of the system because it allows devices from different manufacturers to operate in the network and communicate with each other. This is a rare feature, but a very desirable one, as it increases the competitiveness of tender procedures. It also ensures greater investment in security since we are not reliant on only one equipment supplier.”

Now, Tauron has made the decision to roll out meters from Mitsubishi Electric as it launches on the domestic and European market. The product, a three-phase meter, compliant with the OSGP standard and associated PLC technology, was tested for interoperability and compliance with the AMI specification. 

Jurczyk says: “Our solution is more like the iOS platform and the rules prevailing in Apple’s App Store. To meet the standard, one has to undergo demanding testing procedures, and the same goes for all participating suppliers. As a result, we receive a meter that is compatible with the system and can be immediately included in operations, while maintaining high safety standards."
Newly connected customers to the Tauron Distribution network, in particular, are receiving these AMI meters from Mitsubishi. This is in addition to smart meters provided by other OSGP partners, including Networked Energy Services (NES), a global smart energy leader of smart grid

As a city, NES identifies Wrocław as a hub for dynamic development and expansion, as well as proactive investments for multi-family housing. As a result of this, there is a constant demand for AMI meters, mainly in the three-phase system.
In 2017, Tauron Dystrybucja was the first energy company in Poland to release a new functionality that allows remote activation of the wireless communication interface in an intelligent electricity meter. As a result, Tauron's customers are the first to observe the energy consumption of individual devices in homes or offices in real time. This is possible thanks to a new service called HAN Tauron AMIPlus.
Since 2015, within the Wrocław region, Tauron Dystrybucja has been implementing the AMIplus Smart City Wrocław project related to the installation of smart metering. AMIplus is a system that allows automatic processing, transmission and management of measurement data. It enables two-way communication between electricity meters and the Distribution System Operator while giving the customer access to current information on electricity consumption. Communication is done via the OSGP - based PLC technology.

NES joins Engerati in the webinar "The seven building blocks of Polish smart grid and city developments" to discuss how smart city projects, such as Tauron's, take flight.