New Connections - The Tinder of Energy?

This week we launched Engerati Connect, or as our CEO calls it, ‘The Tinder of Energy’. Today's featured member voice tells us more.
Published: Fri 15 Jun 2018

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Over the last 5 years at most events I have taken part in a central narrative which has been ‘we need new talent’, ‘we need to think differently’, ‘we always see the same people’.

Also, the energy sector has largely remained unchanged for over 100 years. In fact, a favorite line at conferences is ‘If Edison arrived he would still largely recognise the energy sector.’

Why it matters

Many commentators now realise this is a bad thing. With distributed generation and digitisation we need a different way of thinking and that will only happen if we shift diversity, bring in new actors and create new connections which will foster new partnerships.

What makes this more important is that diverse groups make better decisions and innovate further. Also, age bias has a negative effect. Just some of my reading around this includes Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ and research papers - here are links to a couple:

Time to get off the fence

Engerati Connect is our attempt to help solve the problem. We could just draw attention to it, or we could actually do something about it.

The app is driven by an AI engine and looks to make desperate and diverse recommendations with a key outcome of creating NEW connections; Academics with CEOs, Students with Experienced Engineers, Grid operators with Data scientists. In short, the sort of connections which will spark innovation and challenge thinking.

It’s our first step, download it by going to your relevant app store and searching 'Engerati', give us feedback, and help us make it better...

Download the Engerati Connect app today to start connecting, and keep up-to-date with our Engerati Meets sessions and attendees!