Member voice - Recap on the first Engerati Meets

Reflecting on two intense days at the first Engerati Meets last month in Vienna. A blog by David Ulrich Ziegler, Freelancer at David Energie & Service.
Published: Fri 06 Jul 2018

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Reflecting on two intense days at the first #EngeratiMeets beginning of this week in Vienna, I am already looking forward to the next and hopefully many more editions. It was truly a great experience with a well-mixed participation by industry, startups, and academia.

Check out the innovative format of the Engerati Meets, which explains why I kept hearing from many senior level participants, statements such as: "Wow, this is unlike any conference I have ever been to. It's refreshing!"

Out of the three focus areas of the event, I followed mainly the following two sessions:

Both very hot topics in the field of #SmartGrid with many interesting approaches, both by start-ups as well as established industry. As we are still in the beginning of a phase of divergence, it was clear that many proposed solutions are not compatible with each other (at least at this state) and that the best ways to tackle the interconnected problems our industry is facing will crystallize in the coming years. Nevertheless, there was largely common ground on the side of problem definition and often a good understanding of the positions and pain-points of the particular parties involved.

I want to especially thank Adam Malik and his organizing team as well as their facilitators of this revolutionary format from #Engerati for creating this refreshing approach to bringing the industry together on a fertile ground.

It was a great pleasure discussing the state of #blockchain technologies in transactive energy with Filippo Antonio Capizzi, Oriol Pujoldevall from the Energy WebFoundation, Eugenio Moliner Querol from Pylon Network, Jérémie  Yvon from OmegaGrid and Kaushik Khakhar from TOBLOCKCHAIN

I got especially excited discussing the co-evolution of SCADA and the industrial IoT (IIoT) including EdgeComputing for analysis and security of cyber-physical-systems (CPS) in critical infrastructure with Mariano Ortega de Mues, Juan Prieto Moris and Francisco Arroyo Delgado from Indra, as well as with Jonathan Sandham from the Irish distribution system operator ESB and John Paraskevas from DEPsys.

Fruitful discussions with Roberto Rodríguez Labastida from Navigant Research and Michael Schramel, as well as Edward Feltmann from Verbund, also developed around the evolving regulatory framework in the EU. Good findings on the operation and evolution of critical infrastructure, the interplay with emerging technologies as well as the future of existing energy industries.

Also, I am looking forward to discussing more on smart meter applications and regulations in Ireland and Germany with Rene Peeren. As well as energy access and emerging Local Energy Communities (LEC) in Africa and Asia with two very motivated forward-thinkers Alwin Bubendorfer and Deepasunder Ponnusamy who joined us from InnoEnergy.

Thank you, everyone, for making this event so remarkable. I am looking forward to hearing from you or seeing you again soon.

It has been a great pleasure.