Download: Do these five don'ts of digital

This weeks featured download is an e-book from Oracle, discussing how to break digital conventions and make the business itself smarter, faster, better.
Published: Tue 31 Jul 2018

It’s not going to be simple, and it’s not going to be easy—but, of course, you already know the growing pains involved in this massive industry-wide digital evolution we’re all immersed in.

Still, there are some simple steps you can take to move forward faster with your digital transformation.

In this e-book, Oracle breaks down some of the biggest digital behaviours for the utility sector and tells us why we should turn them on their heads, telling utilities:

  • Don't be married to your original plans.
  • Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today.
  • Don't ignore the economics.
  • Don't narrow your digital focus.
  • Don't forget your partners - both potential and realised.

As the sector continues through this period of radical change, utilities can no longer rely on legacy behaviours and mindsets. Reminding yourself of the scope and scale of digital transformation in utilities and what it means for your world is vital.

About Oracle

Oracle Utilities delivers applications, both on-premises or in the cloud, that produce greater value faster so that electric, gas and water utilities worldwide can enhance customer experience, increase operational efficiency and achieve performance excellence.

Oracle's customer care and billing, network management, work and asset, mobile workforce, meter data management and analytics solutions integrate with its enterprise applications, BI tools, middleware, database technologies, servers and storage.

As the largest provider of mission-critical cloud services in the industry today, Oracle serves the entire utility value chain from the grid to the meter to end customers. Its software enables utilities to adapt more nimbly to market deregulation, meet ever-evolving customer demands, and help consumers manage energy efficiency. 

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