Engerati Quarterly: May 2018 Edition

Fri 11 May 2018
Edition Features: The benefits of transactive energy regulation, explore how utilities can shift business models to utilise DERs, assess how bureaucracy may be blocking energy efficiency and learn some of the key takeaways from Turkey's efforts to digitise its grid. Engerati Quarterly is an interactive experience, so plug in your headphones and enjoy the interactive content.

Engerati Quarterly: February 2018 Edition

Wed 07 Feb 2018
Edition Features: The growth of microgrids, the business value for utilities in transactive energy, the role of TSOs in enabling flexibility and make the argument that energy efficiency investment is about to explode. We encourage you not just to read the Engerati Quarterly, but to watch it too. So plug in your headphones and enjoy the interactive content.

Energy Talks at Itron Utility Week 2017

Tue 30 Jan 2018
Energy talks with industry experts sharing how to build value through technology in the Energy Eco System, the role of Smart Cities, pushing decisions to the edge and how utilities stay relevant.

Energy Talks: ENTSO-E 2017

Tue 09 Jan 2018
Interviewees include: Ulla Sandborgh (Svenska Kraftnät), Peter Vermaat (Enexis), Olivier Grabette (RTE) and Ben Voorhorst (TenneT) on change management, cyber-security and the evolving TSO-DSO relationship.

Engerati Quarterly: November Edition

Wed 29 Nov 2017
Edition Features: Clean Energy Package - clarifying concerns, Service Platforms, Intelligent Asset Management and Flexibility in the grid