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Wed 17 May 2017

We are seeing industry and nation-leaders waking up to the “cyber” reality and possible devastating cyberattacks on utilities.

Wed 10 May 2017

Capgemini will discuss how they envision the internet of things (IoT) transforming the grid through microgrid integration. Where can we expect microgrids, who will build, own and operate them?

Fri 12 May 2017

One of the greatest challenges facing the water utility industry is the poor condition of water and wastewater infrastructure causing leakages.

Tue 25 Apr 2017

Distributed energy resources are now an established part of most African utilities’ generation mix but most are outside the utilities’ direct control.

Fri 21 Apr 2017

The energy efficiency and building management sectors like to talk about the quick wins or low hanging fruit of cutting energy usage.

Thu 01 Jun 2017

As smart meters are installed at residential, commercial and other sites nationwide, utilities are seeing a variety of benefits and opportunities that are passed on to the end user, according to a

Thu 23 Feb 2017

Blockchain technology has created a buzz in the energy sector. This webinar focuses on the impact of this technology for utilities and aims to unpick the myths from the reality.

Wed 29 Mar 2017

Cloud computing and its advantages are becoming more prevalent across the energy industry.

Mon 21 Nov 2016

Utilities are already thinking about how to incorporate IoT data into their operations to improve efficiencies and reliability. You need an IoT strategy.

Mon 21 Nov 2016

JT and Stream have gained an unrivalled breadth and depth of metering industry specific knowledge over the years of working together.  JT’s Open Roaming M2M Solution, in combination with Stream’s


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