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What is the business model that UK DSO should adopt?

In my last blog, I opined that the future state for the UK power industry in the light of the DSO journey was one of “Managed Interdependence”.

The DNO-DSO journey part two – the future state of the industry

The deployment of innovative energy storage systems is fast becoming a global phenomenon and is showing no signs of slowing down.

It feels great when we see spacecraft, rocket or even a jet that leaves its huge trails while traveling at supersonic speed.

The UK is in the process of massive power sector change, and no change is more critical than the DNO-DSO journey which will change the way the industry fundamentally works.

One of the biggest hurdles utilities face in embracing digital transformation is a resistance to change.

Over the past few years I have given a number of talks to students about careers in the energy sector, and it always strikes me how little people outside the industry know about the mechanics of ou

Deepak Patel, Director of Security Strategy at Imperva, Gives Tips on Improving Security Posture and Satisfying Auditor Expectations


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